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What should I expect to pay?

Do I have to pay for the time while we attend our event and the limousine is not in use?

How far in advance should I book a limousine for our occasion?

What is required to reserve and hold a date?


What should I expect to pay?
Most limousines rent between $50.00 and $150.00 per hour depending on the type of limousine and the number of passengers the limousine can accommodate, plus a drivers gratuity ranging from 10% to 20% of the limousine reservation.  The majority of limousine service companies also require a minimum hourly booking, usually 3 to 4 hours.  Because of limousine prep costs, travel times, and chauffeur salaries, a one-hour limousine reservation is not feasible to most limousine companies.

Chariot limousine requires a 2/3 hour minimum booking.  We will consider 1 hour reservations depending on pickup/drop off locations, time of day, and day of week, however, a premium hourly rate is charged (excluding prom season). During Prom season, Fridays & Saturday's in April & May, rates may increase 10% to 30%, as well as, hourly minimums may increase to 6 hours or more. Any questions, please call 503.318.2323.

Do I have to pay for the time while we attend our event and the limousine is not in use?
You still have to pay for the limousine rental time during your event, such as a prom, sporting event, concert or dining out, even though you are not physically using the limousine.  Although the limousine is not in use, the limousine cannot be used elsewhere; travel time, the inconvience of vacuuming the interior, cleaning glassware, and restriction of time makes it impractical to reserve the limousine to another party during this down-time.  In addition, when there are 2 to 3 or more hours of down-time, there are still expenses accumulating.  Some companies may offer a "split" - a limousine reserved with minimal travel time, point-to-point and back transportation without being charged for waiting time in between, however, minimum hourly booking requirements still apply.

Chariot Limousine offers a "split" with two, 2 hour minimum booking charges.  We will consider offering a discounted hourly charge during down-time to certain events depending on pickup/dropoff locations, time of day/night, and day of week (excluding prom season).

How far in advance should I book a limousine for our occasion?
If your event is during "Prime" season (ie:  prom, wedding, graduation or the Holiday season), we suggest the sooner the better to ensure a limousine is available for your special occasion.

What is required to reserve and hold a date?
A minimum deposit of $100.00 or 25% of the quoted reservation total, whichever is greater, reserves your date & appointed limousine.  The balance is due prior to the event date.  Deposit via Visa or Mastercard, cash, personal or company check.  If a personal check is the method of payment, the entire balance is due 10 business days prior to the booked event.  Limousine reservations that fall below $100.00 will require payment in full in advance.


"Hi Pat, thank you again for providing the Humvee Limo! We never tell the kids that it will come. We just say that we ordered transportation and we never know what we will get. When it comes we let them know that the nice owner of Chariot Limo provided this opportunity. And everyone in and around the area where they pick us up gets a great kick out of seeing this Humvee drive up to pick up a bunch of kids in a small rural community. Everyone wants to look inside and ask us where we are going. The owners of the Rock Ranch have never had a Humvee limo come to their ranch until we came the first time and they couldn't believe that we were going up to dig rock in it.

The kids were saying to me when the Limo dropped us off that only rich people get to ride in cars like this. I said to them "are we all rich?" Well no they replied! "Then why do think we had the opportunity to ride in this limo?" And they thought a few minutes and said it was a gift, a blessing, a nice thing that someone has done for us! I said, "exactly and we should never forget that nice and wonderful things that can happen to you in your life and that there are nice and wonderful people like Chariot Limo who care to make a kids life exciting! We watched the movie Narnia during our ride to and from he ranch. It was awesome! Thanks for making this day a special day and we liked the driver.... the kids thought he was pretty cool in his tux and hat!" Shirley

"I contacted you on May 4, 2010 completely stressed and doubtful that you would be able to accommodate my last minute request. You listened patiently to my request and immediately make me feel at ease. You were able to provide me Limousine service for May 7, 2010. I know that I confirmed the date and the price with you several times, as I was shocked, not only to get last minute service at a great price, but just as important to me was knowing that your company has the necessary permit and insurance which game me peace of mind. My daughter and friends will have memories of a wonderful Prom thanks to you and your service. The flowers that I ordered from your wife were fresh and beautiful. Thank you." Jill

"Pat, just wanted to say Thank You for the Great night we had in the Limo!! We will use you again for sure!! Also Dale was the Best!!" Rich

"Patrick. We had an amazing experience last night on our Christmas Lights Tour. Al did a great job as our driver and really made the entire experience very pleasant. Thank you for being so patient with me on the phone as we scheduled this, you really matched exactly what we wanted and considering we had never ever been in a limo before we weren't entirely sure what we wanted =) Our family is already looking forward to using your service again next year; I think last night began a new family tradition. My family laughed a lot, took a ton of photos and made lots of memories. We have already recommended your service to two of our friends as well. I have included a photo for you of our gang outside the limo. Thanks again for an amazing night!" Alyson

"Thank you for providing great service last night and assuring my party had fun and was safe! It was a great evening. Thank you." Ryan

"Please forward this onto Chuck, with a huge thank you form Tony and I for showing these teens a great night. It is still quite the talk and they have nothing but great to say about Chuck. As a matter of fact they have all said if they ever get to go in a limo again, they all want Chuck to be the driver. Again, a huge thank you to you and your company for making this night one to remember. Just thought you might like to use the after group photo as proof that a night with your limo's is one to make the record books. We will continue to refer you and your driver for any friends in the market for a limo. Thanks again." Jeanna Stephan

"Patrick, Thank you very much for the experience. The limousine you sent was much nicer than anything I expected. Our whole group had a great time. Jeff, our driver, did a great job working with our non-set plan. We were all very pleased with him. I will highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for your service." Erik B. Nielsen

"I just wanted to thank you for the services!!! I believe it was Chuck that was our driver for an hour and he was wonderful with the kids. Had them laughing and they were so happy he didn't mind the loud music. You had it so nice inside they were too afraid to even open the cider...haha! We will pass along your name and business cards!!! Thank you!! A+++ service!!" Ginamarie Simpson!

"Thank you sooooo much for a wonderful time in the limo. The kiddo's really enjoyed themselves. What a great experience!! You will get a very high recommendation to all our friends.... Very professional and such an amazing vehicle.... Love it!!! :) Also, please thank your Wife for us as well! :) It takes amazing skill to drive such a long vehicle. Very impressive!" Anna Beckley

"I would like to thank you for taking good care of my son! He was very impressed by your personality and hospitality. I was already impressed by your due diligence and great customer service. I have three more kids in Oregon, and when they decide to visit me I'll be sure to use your company again. I am glad to have chosen you! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." Howard

"Thanks so much for an awesome evening. Everything was great, driver Lim supper. Our daughter was so surprised all had a good time. A time that will be remembered for a long time." Tom & Kathie

"We wanted to thank your limousine staff for helping to make our wedding memorable. we rented the new stretch hummer and it was awesome. I think Randall was our driver, and he took us for a nice ride around Portland to see the city lights before heading off to our hotel. He was great!" Michelle & Thomas

"I just wanted to thank you for a great bachelorette party limo ride. The bride and all of our girls had a blast. Thanks so much for the great accommodations... I really appreciate you working out a fair deal & experience w/ me. Thanks Again." Kelley Carpenter

"Thank you very much for helping make out night so special. The limo and driver were great. It was the perfect addition to a perfect night. Thank you for all your efforts." Jeff & Tara

"We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service provided to the kids that Bill drove to the prom last Saturday night. Everything went just perfectly." Kathy Larson and 16 happy kids from Clackamas High School.

"You guys are awesome. Bill had great patience and was enjoyable to talk with while we were waiting for the kids to get out of school." Loren

"I wanted to let you know how very pleased we all were with the limo we rented on fri. for my daughters Sweet 16th birthday. The girls were absolutely thrilled and so were the adults. As a matter of fact ... us adults were a little envious." Brena

"Pat, We just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful service, ranging from the initial contact-customer service, pricing, and limo driver. Everything went off without a hitch." John and Kathie


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